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My teaching interests include: semiotic and linguistic anthropology; sociolinguistics; migration and citizenship; langauge, power, and idenity; the welfare state; and urban sociolinguistic and anthropological theory and methods.


At the University of Chicago, I have been the Instructor of record for Power, Identity, and Resistance 3, an undergraduate Core course in the social sciences that introduces students to key texts on liberalism, democracy, race, and gender. I taught this course entirely online in Spring 2020, and I am happy to share my virtual teaching strategies.

I have also served as a teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate students in:

  • Language in Culture 2 (graduate course)
  • Development of Social Cultural Theory 1 (also called “Systems,” a course for first-year PhD students in Anthropology)
  • Power, Identity, and Resistance 2 and 3 (undergraduate course)

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